Testing BabylonPress 3D Suite

Multiple Canvases on One Page

One can have as much of them as needed but consider CPU and GPU load for every canvas.

BabylonPress 3D Suite

BabylonPress 3D Suite - extremely versatile and robust set of 3D plugins for WordPress based on Babylon.js

It is really incredible!

4 Viewer Instances with Different Settings

One can see a lot of applications of BabylonPress 3D Viewer Plugin in 3D demonstrations, 3D E-commerce, Web games and more and more.

See Physics Demo with Balls

And BabylonPress Metabox

BabylonPress Custom Metabox 3D Plugin for WordPress opens unbelievable experiences!

Default Configuration, Animated Shark

Minimal Configuration

Minimal Configuration with DOM Settings

Default Configuration, Animated Aeroplane

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