Watch Tower

Press I to look inside, Space to fire particles from the fan.

The Story

DUDE STORY - Watch Tower - Episode 001

Dude is on duty on some distant planet (maybe not far from Arrakis with its sand dunes). The naked yellow-red sun with quite strange orbit throws nice shadows to the ground. Dude is walking inside the watch tower, looking at every direction in order to secure the position.
(If you want to look inside, hold I on keyboard).
On the roof of the watch tower there is huge vintage fan (Fallout style), gathering energy of the wind (in the form of particles) into the BJS cube, which goes up and down inside the tower, rotating by some magical forces.
So in case of emergency there is no need to worry. Just press SPACE and the fan will blast deadly beautiful rain… But be careful, it could become addictive… so there is some parental control inside.

Made by Labris
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